Mesquite Square, Part 4

One nifty tool that can be easily added is the scratch shave.


This is made by making a notch, drilling a hole and threading in a brass bolt and knob.

The blades for it are from Lee Valley,  Andy was kind enough to give me the location.  They can be shaped from a bit of metal, with a file.

This is a fairly easy tool to use once you get used to it.  Be sure to practice on some scrap first, you can mangle wood badly the first time.


3 comments to Mesquite Square, Part 4

  • Andy

    Are these the blades you’re thinking of?,41182

    I’ve been thinking of making something like this for a while – thanks for the ideas!

  • Yes, Andy, and thanks, I could not find the exact source! I will edit the original to point to the location.

    Easy enough project really. If I were to remake it, the body would be thicker, the bar would go through a mortise, and the button would be flush with the body. As it is, I often set it down hard and release the button. Amazing thing really, the button holds it rock solid, a light tap and it comes right out.


  • Skip J.

    Thanks Bob;

    I was having a hard time envisioning how you tilt the fence to tilt the blade, your photo makes sense of it all……

    Any more blades in the pipeline????


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