Outdoor Workshop for the Shade Tree Woodworker

Outdoor workbenches

I have made an experiment of working outdoors.

Three workbenches here.
Three Workbenches

The one in front consists of two sawhorses supporting a four foot by ten foot frame. Sixteen foot long slabs of cedar make the table.

The one in the middle is treated pine. It has to be covered because of the pattern makers vise.

The far one is waxed cedar. Everything is either waterproof, safe to cover or put away at the end of the day.

A comfortable area
It is a comfortable area, the goal is make woodwork and other tool use, more fun.

Shelves, place for scrap and materials are all convenient along with a few odd bits for inspiration.

By the act of transporting tools out to work, I learn which ones are critical. Even so the amount of tools in use can become fairly large.

Tools on Table

In winter this shop walls stop most of the Northern winds. The sun is unblocked in the winter.

Sun lit shop

In the summer, the Southern breezes pass in and the trees grow their leaves back and give me shade.

Trees for a roof


In my area of Texas there are not a lot of great weather days in a year, so I have to make as much of them as I can. Summer nights, with a nice light on, can however be a dream for working.


3 comments to Outdoor Workshop for the Shade Tree Woodworker

  • That’s a great idea. Sitting under the shade of a tree with a nice cool breeze blowing seems like a lovely setting to be playing with some hand tools.

    I might have to give it a go.

  • One of the best parts is being able to leave chips where they fall. Small blocks of wood hidden in the chips can be a problem though.

    The downside is when you drop a brass screw. It hides in the chips and dirt, and a magnetic pickup won’t find it.


  • Skip J.

    On Sunday I became an outdoor woodworker myself for the duration… about all I did last Sunday was move my cedar pile outside and sticker it up. I guess it’s gonna be grey instead of cedar colored… oh well, it was going outside when done anyway.

    I’ll use my workmates on the driveway just like doing DIY projects, the difference is I get to do ww’ing! But when it comes time to plane; I’m gonna need a bench that doesn’t hop-skip’n-jump. Have to think on that one awhile….

    Don’t forget – my cedar project is my first Tejas Art Movement project!!!!


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