Tool Making Class Found while trying to Find the Quintessential Woodworkers Tool Set

This is a question that I keep trying to refine.    What is the best list of tools.    There are the tools you want in an apron, because you need them right when you need them.  Some tools are just pretty, and hard to put aside.  The persuit of the ideal set, keeps me searching.   There are always going to be more needed tools and more convenient tools.   There are tools that work for my needs, that will not even be interesting to someone else.  I love a good axe, but unlike St. Roy, I am not about to lug it around with my tote.

I have listed a few really nice tool sets before, here at my Vagabond’s Tool Box post. But for me this is a never ending refinement and search.

One good source for Quintessential Tool Lists, is the required materials lists for the various classes on woodworking.   Apart from tables, vises and all the lower use big tools, these lists are the items that the school has learned to depend on.  They are also usually very well refined.

The Errington School of Woodwork and Design has a very nice list of tool recommendations.

But the real crowing glory is, A Tool making Class! Taught by Peter Leonard Bailey!

This is delightful,  my faith in the world is replenished!  If someday I have the freedom, time and money, I would love to learn it from someone classically trained.   I do O.K., but where my mind lives is pretty far from the box.  There are a lot of good lessons to learn from the box, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel.


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