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Tom Fidgen emailed me and offered a link exchange. I looked for his site and did a bit of looking around on the net and found his talents were not just limited to woodwork.

His music, the music he composes and plays, is quite superb. His taste in tools exquisite, and his craftsmanship and artistry are exemplary. I am rather honored to exchange links, truth is, if I had found his site on my own I would have linked anyway. Here we have a renaissance man, with high environmental ethic, great artistic accomplishment and the best of old world craftsmanship.  Greene and Greene would have been proud of his work and designs.

Don’t just take my word on Tom’s  craftmanship and music, check the videos!

Part 2

I love to see a fine toolbox and it’s contents, especially when they are listed.

My thanks Tom!

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  • I think I might just skip work and sit here at the library watching his videos. Great stuff. The mitre key jig is excellent. A friend is wanting me to help her use a jig for cutting simular keys on her table saw. This jig would be much better and no noise.


  • Glad to share inspiration, Richard!

    This next week I am going to take some time and go link to link exploring all the sites that I am indirectly linked to. Often by bypassing Google, (Please take no offense, Googly Overlords of the Web) I find magical stuff.

    I love Tom’s focus on process, so often we lose sight of it in the hurry to complete our work.


  • Mel Montemerlo

    Hi Tom,
    About the chapter on building the toolbox –

    I can’t figure tbis out — there is a small piece of wood which is at the bottom of the chest, towards the left, just a little to the left of the leftmost hole for the clamp. There is a notch in that place on the line drawing which is marked “1 1/2”. What is that thing? Where is it described in the text? I can’t figure out how I am missing it?

    In the text on making the dados in the two sides for the “back” (which to me is a “middle”), you are using a 1/2″ drill, but the measured drawing says that the dado is 1/4″? Also, it doesn’t say how deep that dado is? I am assuming from studying the drawings that it is a half inch by a half inch.

    So what is that little piece of wood at the bottom? Thanks.

    Have fun.
    Mel Montemerlo

  • Bob Strawn

    Sorry Mel, I link to Tom’s Blog, but I am not Tom. I have this comment up, so you can cut and paste it to Tom’s blog.


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