Spoon Making Knife Knol

Doug Stowe was doing fine craftsmanship professionally  since I was still going to camp.  His articles on woodworking and  teaching and performing fine craftsmanship published in Fine Woodworking are all great reads.   I have one of  his books,

It is a delightful book with lots of great inspiration and examples.

Doug has been kind enough to grace the web with instructions for making a spoon making knife. It is a nice concise tutorial, where he details grinding, bending, hardening and tempering, as well as getting the handle on the knife.  He wrote up on the  Googles Knol site, where is is available for everyone.

I have only recently heard about Knols, a bit of a description and set of comments on Slashdot, and another reference to the knols on Doug Stowe’s website, Wisdom of the Hands If you are interested in the processes and theory of education, then his website will be of extra interest to you.

I love bent knives, and his directions are well laid out. Quite a body of good tutorials on the web these days.

The knols look interesting too.    My thought would be to detail each of the processes, Annealing, Grinding, Bending, Hardening and Tempering as seperate knols. Then with links to them as steps, write a simple guide to making a plane blade. The fun part is that after doing the one article detailing annealing, you could just reference it in other articles.


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