Korean Furniture

Fine Korean Furniture is exquisite stuff.   Master Carpenter Seol Seok-cheol is a great example for me to base my statement on.

My bias leans towards more classic lines, but I would be remiss if I left out the work of Byung Hoon Choi.

It is great to find such delightful inspiration!


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  • Skip J.

    Once I was into Master Seol’s (or would that be Master Seok-cheol’s ?) site, it was obvious that his traditional use of highly figured woods and tight “fastener-free” joints fit well within our own ethic of natural designs. The Korean styling was a fresh look at design ideas for westerners.. Of course, the prices were comparable to work by popular American masters – wayyyyy out of my league!!! His joints sure were tight though…

    While I fully intend to follow your Tejas Art style for my bonsai tree shelves, an oriental style simple table like his (but in cedar) might be a good base for those trees I have planted in Japanese and Chinese pots. I wonder if Koreans practice the culture of potted trees??

    This leads to the thought that Korea is thought of as the place of quick’n dirty mass-produced consumer goods – one of those asian economic “tigers” selling for export. Yet Japan was thought of in just that way in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Maybe Korea could sell “master class” one-only goods if folks would buy them.

    Those were certainly nice paintings on the rest of the site. Thanks for the link!


  • There are few areas Japanese, Chinese or Western where the Koreans have not innovated. They use the term bunjae for their trees.

    Bonsai Pots http://www.bonsai-mart.com/korean_mica_bonsai_tree_pots.html

    I cannot quite describe the difference in their bonsai, almost a fusion between Chinese and Japanese with a different mood. Dramatic yet relaxed in a way.



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