Ecopoxy Update

I have been testing  Ecopoxy as an adhesive. They are not marketing it as an adhesive, but I think they really should. I love this stuff.
Here is a fairly wicked test of a glue. any glue you choose to name.


This nice jagged chip is about to be glued.

Chair leg

To this chair leg.

Chair leg being glued

I waxed my clamp first so it wouldn’t become part of the chair leg, and then I smeared the epoxy.

The resin component of the ecopoxy had  crystals in the bottom, kind of like the crystals that will form in honey.  I crunched them up with a Popsicle stick and stirred them in.  I was a bit nervous, with this, but a test is a test.  It stirred up a bit cloudy, but as you can see, after adding the catalyst the glue became transparent with no evidence of cloudiness.

The epoxy was not thick, so it went into the pores and gaps without too much work. The setting time is quite long, so I was able to paint both surfaces quite well, join then and even dabble a bit more in to fill holes. There was no smell at all. I also painted a bit onto the surface of my worktable, where it was a bit lower than the rest of the table. An odd sort of fix and test. My worktable is juniper, so I managed to do a test of Ecopoxy on a fairly acid wood as well.

As another rather vicious test, I added five new mallets to my mallet collection.


Mallets tend to get a bit of impact, so using a glue to make a mallet is cruel. Osage has a bit of oil to it, so it is also a rather cruel test. Using Aluminum Bronze, and joining it to osage is rather going over the top as far as pushing a glue. I also used some ash, since that is kind of expected as a handle and will work as a comparison if the rest fails.

So far the chair and the mallets are all holding up fine. I have not gone easy on them either.

I have to say this is a very good glue, long setting time, rugged finish, unlimited shelf life, forgiving mixing ratio, no smell to speak of, and it  takes weight and impact well.  When you throw in that it is food safe, and marine grade water proof, this stuff is a hands down winner.     I have quite a few other tests about, but it will take a bit of time before I can say how well they have held up.  The chair and the mallets are the sort of thing that I have seen other glues immediately fail from.


7 comments to Ecopoxy Update

  • Skip J.

    Hello Bob;

    Excellent post! Looking forward to your long-term report…


  • Now that is useful. I usually renovate really old houses and often need to do these kind of repair to bookshelves, et cetera. It’s hard for me to find a good one that will stand up to stresses.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your tests.

  • Bob Strawn

    I have been using the stuff with complete satisfaction in a lot of odd places. I was going to use it on a wooden bottle, with wax sealing. Sadly the wood swells and shrinks when dry and so the bottles must be kept wet or they end up splitting. About the only part that holds up is the ecopoxy!


  • Bonnie

    I have used this product and loved it for pouring up castings and as an adhesive but when it came to using the company’s clear coat resin I ruined many pieces of my work trying to get it to be a nice even and thick clear coat. I tried everything I could think of without success. I did contact the company and sent pictures but they have only told me that it “shouldn’t be doing this”. I offered to drive to their company (not too far away from where i live) but they have not taken me up on this nor offered a solution. I am highly disappointed as there are not noxious fumes etc.

  • Hi Bonnie
    If you call Ecopoxy and talk to the Sales Manager he will help you. I know they have a Yacht MFG using their new UVpoxy as a finish and it looks incredible!

  • Ecopoxy has a whole new line of glow in the dark products coming out soon along with pigments for their UVpoxy and the Clear Coat. Check their website for some cool ideas in the new showcase.

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