Black Spider in the Workshop

This is one of my friends.  Probably.   OK, maybe.  At least this girl is the enemy of my enemies, and I prefer to know exactly where a biting thing is than having biting things flying around me.


7 comments to Black Spider in the Workshop

  • Looks like a black widow (became acquainted with these creepies while living in Arkansas) from a distance, but from what I understand they don’t usually create such organized webs. This web looks to have a distinct funnel, more like a wolf spider’s web . . .

  • Bob Strawn

    The thing has a furry body and hides in the pvc pipe. A lot of black widows like pvc pipe but this one is a bit more solid in the thorax and somewhat slimmer in the abdomen. It does have a tunnel and a very solid web. No hourglass though. Every year new and stranger spiders show up in my area. This year I have had to relocate a few that seemed to actually like to take rides on me. I like spiders well enough, but as I might squash and enrage one without being aware, this is not my happy place.


  • Steve

    As pcNielsen said – too distinct a web for a widow. Funnel web spider of some class, Very fast and just interested in a meal. Your sawdust bouncing off her web will draw her out from time to time. Or perhaps the vibrations from your woodworking as well.

  • Bob Strawn

    She is very shy, I usually can see her out and about at twilight, but not if I come too close. She is very aware of me and seems to be more comfortable when I am there, but not very near. Anyone else and she hides.


  • Skip J.

    Hi Bob;

    I suspect that says as much about her character as yours….. The fact that you let her live, and in your own area too, speaks volumes!


  • Bob Strawn

    Since she disappears before I get close enough to reach for that little hammer, she and I are unlikely to collide. I do have to avoid her web for the most part, but as she reinforces and builds up the web, it gets even more interesting. She manages to keep it clean despite the mess I make.

    I haven’t seen any wood roaches around lately so I suspect she has an effect there as well.


  • Sounds like something in the funnel web spider family. Bad cann cause necrosis. Not good. They are not aggressive but have horrible eyesight and will bite if you surprise it or get too close. Better spray this one, they multiply to the point where you don’t know they are behind you.

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