Black Spider in the Workshop

This is one of my friends. Probably. OK, maybe. At least this girl is the enemy of my enemies, and I prefer to know exactly where a biting thing is than having biting things flying around me.


Chip Breakers

An old video has resurfaced and now it has been subtitled. The magnificent Wilbur Pan, rides again!

This video has an odd enough history of impact. I have even heard it argued, in absence of the actual video, that it proved that chip breakers did not work.

There has been such a current of downplay […]

Tongue Plane

I have been needing a Tongue and Groove Plane Set. Not needing as in really wanting one. Needing as in there is no other good way to do what I need to do. Small changes in life require different tooling.

My car got hit. The insurance company insists there is no such thing as loss […]

Striking Saw

Here is one of my latest inventions, click on the images below for a closer look.


Testing For Lead

In my pursuit of toolmaking, I don’t want others to come to harm. I use a lot of odd bits and bobs to make things with. Brass and bronze have a special appeal. The problem is that these items can be full of lead. Leaded brass is easy to work and polishes up with ease.