Fleam, Bowsaws, History and Faith

I just this week read a post about fleam over on Popular Woodworking. Aparently Colonial Williamsberg does not put fleam on their saws, since there is no evidence of fleam on saws in Colonial America.

This got me to thinking, Tage Frid, an expert among experts, liked to use a ripsaw for cutting dovetails across […]

Loose Grit is not always the best choice.

Here is a bad knot I decided to try grinding with loose 80 grit aluminum oxide.

I used a rough metal plate to rub and roll the grit.

It cleaned the metal plate better than it did the wood.

It did a good enough job, so I cleaned it up. Not the […]

The Myth about Hand Tools

The Myth about Hand Tools is,

Hand tools are slower, more primitive, clumsy tools that only mad skilled woodworkers who prefer to dress in renaissance festival clothing can master.

This tool, more, I think, than any other, created this myth.

The Low-Angle, Bevel-Up, Block Plane.

Here is the common, yet before this, untold […]

Human Blindspots

Think back about the non-fiction books where the lead female is not dramatically gorgeous. You are amazingly well read and have a good memory if you can come up with even a handful. Male leads, can indeed be ugly.

They usually need to be clever, brilliant, smart, compassionate, brave, funny, determined or even ‘destined for […]

Don't miss Dr. Horrible

Joss Whedon has produced yet another great show.

Click on the Pic to see it. It is free on line, in three parts. The first two are there, the last will be available on the 19th. On the 20th the program will go away, so see it while you can!