Tool Making Class Found while trying to Find the Quintessential Woodworkers Tool Set

This is a question that I keep trying to refine. What is the best list of tools. There are the tools you want in an apron, because you need them right when you need them. Some tools are just pretty, and hard to put aside. The persuit of the ideal set, keeps me searching. There […]

Is a Copy of a Copy a Crime?

I have waded through a lot of discussions about copies being made of other tool designs. It is quite interesting to see where people stand. It seems that there are several issues that divide how we think about these things. The variations on ethic make this a pretty heated issue. Personally I like this. I […]

Tai Chi and Woodworking

Woodworking can be quite a rough master. Besides cut, hit and worn fingers, woodworking can mean long hours holding yourself at odd angles. Taking a break is more than just rest at times. As I age, I find that taking a break can prevent clumsy behavor. My back is not what it once was.

Working […]

User Comment Spam

Until you run a blog, there is an entire family of spam you never see. Stuff with pages of links to all the stuff they normally spam you on are common. In any case they have links that lead back to sites you really don’t want to see. Often they compliment your site mastery, wisdom, […]

The Joys of Blogging!

A recent comment on one of my articles had a link to this site, Jaxt Woodcarvings. For a quick look of the range of product, their storefront is well worth looking at. Their works are classic, delightful and I think, timeless. Some of these works inspire a child like glee while others inspire a […]