A Tale of Two Screwdrivers

Sadly my favorite screwdrivers of old are beginning to show their age. Not much life left in the few that haven’t gotten lost or broken. While searching the web for a good ratcheting driver, I found a very interesting screwdriver. It is called a double drive screwdriver. Kobalt makes it and Lowe’s carries it. After […]

Striking Saws

I am charmed by rustic tools. Extreme simplicity, implied durability and the clear functionality speak strongly to me. I am delighted when I can capture that in a tool that I make.

Here are several recently made tools that are unique, simple, solid and quite functional.

This shows them sheathed and unsheathed. I […]

Warrington Hammers

Things coincide. A bit of talk on best weight for a Warrington Hammer. A Warrington Hammer is a Cross Peen designed for driving tacks. The idea is that the thin end can slide between your fingers as you hold a tack. It has been on my list of classic tools, but until I read Paul […]

The New Classic Mallet

One pattern that keeps showing up, is the basic Mallet made in three layers. The result is pretty and as reliable as any mallet, so I think this pattern can be considered a classic, despite it’s relatively recent appearance. From this view it looks just like the original classic.


Long Shooting Board

Typically a shooting board is used for making the short end of a board straight or angled. When I was making a bunch of parts that where going to need to be exactly the same, on the sides as well, I made this one.

The back wall on this board allows me to put […]