Tongue Plane

I have been needing a Tongue and Groove Plane Set. Not needing as in really wanting one. Needing as in there is no other good way to do what I need to do. Small changes in life require different tooling.

My car got hit. The insurance company insists there is no such thing as loss […]

Testing For Lead

In my pursuit of toolmaking, I don’t want others to come to harm. I use a lot of odd bits and bobs to make things with. Brass and bronze have a special appeal. The problem is that these items can be full of lead. Leaded brass is easy to work and polishes up with ease.


Hex Bit Sockets and What is possible Now

The first time I used a quick release socket it was a revelation. I had seen the notch set up for them, but not the adapter. For me being able to replace a bit, or use multiple bits, and not have them fall out at the first opportunity was wonderful.

Since then I have sought […]

A Spherification Rack, A quickly made Fixture from Split Prone Cedar.

Creme De Menthe Caviar on Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Creme


Sometimes you need to do molecular gastronomy, and you need to do it now!

Spherification is a rather nifty process where you react juice with sodium alginate in it and a calcium containing fluid to make little juice filled gelatin balls.

While adding […]

Making Tools with HSS Blanks

    For under $5 you can obtain a set of HSS blanks from Harbor Freight. Do this at a store, I have been so amazingly and expensively burned by online shopping with HF that I will never ever do that again. The stores however are great as long as your are careful what you […]