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Remaking a Snap Blade Knife or How to Work Wood that Splits Easily


I love mesquite wood. It is beautiful, tough, weather resistant, hard and the worlds most stable wood. It does have a curious weakness, a screw will split it in half despite it being able to survive years as a mallet. The wood can split.

So there are methods you learn, that you would not […]

Is There One Bevel Gauge to Rule Them All?

We may know what someone else is saying when they mention a Carpenter’s Bevel, Sliding T-Bevel or any number of phrases with two or more of the words, Carpenter’s, Universal, Adjustable, T, Sliding, Bevel, Square, Angle, or Gage combined, but there is no guessing what they might end up calling it. Perhaps this oddity […]

Spill Plane

I made an odd spill plane of my own design a while back, but it was more of an experiment and kind of a cute failure.

This is a spill plane loosely based on Darrell LaRu’s walk through. This plane works great! Since the plane stays still and the wood moves, I have been able […]

Tools with Octagonal Handles

Here are a few tools that I made with octagonal handles. I detailed how to make them in my post on making octagonal handles.


How to Make an Octagonal Handle, Shell Auger and Straight Drilling Guide

I will warn you, this walk-through is a big one! The results, however, will let a woodworker without a lathe or mad shaping skills to have a reasonably high chance of turning a small chunk of wood into a lovely handle that can be held with comfort and pride!

I have been researching and experimenting […]