Adjustable T Sliding Bevel Square Angle Gage

I say tomato. This tool has way too many names.

Anyway my favorite is the Veritas Sliding Bevel

But since they don’t sell the parts or make the kit, until I figure out the mechanics, I have been using one I made from the WoodSmith Kit . I like it a lot, but the wing nut really gets in the way sometimes.

So I saw a Universal Angle Square (ha, still another name for the same tool.) at Harbor Freight. The black plastic handle was hideous, but Empire put what looks like good stainless steel into the construction of it. No link to the item this time, because I could not find it in a search. Go figure it only has upwards of 40 thousand possible names.
I used their hardware, and a hunk of wood to make this guy.

Yes, it is Mesquite, and it works great. It goes in the keeper tool box for sure.


3 comments to Adjustable T Sliding Bevel Square Angle Gage

  • Michael

    Nice job, I just made one last night out of a scrap of oak after my black plastic handle fell apart (it was cracked 20 years ago when I first started using it)

  • Bob Strawn

    This is one of the most rewarding and straight forward projects! I hope it serves you for another 20 and more!


  • Skip J.

    I like it Bob, I like it a lot!!!!


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