Fire Ants, not all bad.

I am not fond of fire ants, but they did get rid of the chiggers and ticks. I miss the horned toads however. Still It is nice to have them in a corn patch. They will eat one or two kernals from an ear of corn, and will eliminate the worm that would otherwise eat half the ear. No pesticide needed, to double your harvest!

Ant Bed

This swiss chard is growing fine in a pot that has become an ant bed. Note that the leaves are perfect. They patrol the leaves. I have to be careful when I harvest, but some plants do well with fire ants. No need for pesticides here!

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  • Skip J.

    Hey Bob;

    Town ants will eat leaves – but not other ants – including fire ants. I frequently am required to kill all the ants in our 1/3rd acre yard, whether fire ants or not. However, I don’t unless required to. They get up into my bonsai pots and improve the tree’s soil. When I have one doing poorly from bad soil – I will set it on an ant mound and encourage them to nest in it. The best grass in my yard is where and ant mound was recently.


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