Flush Cut Plane

This is one of the least common and most useful, simple planes,

Flush Cut plane

This is a pretty simple tool.  all you need is a plane blade, such as you can get at most hardware stores.


You don’t need a rare earth magnet this big.  Two or three glued into drilled holes on the bottom would do a great job of holding the blade while letting you remove it to sharpen.

If you cut a nice slot for it, the magnets just keep it in place when you pick it up, the rest of the time the slot holds it in place as you use it.

Bottom view

This plane is great for cleaning up surfaces into corners, odd raised bits, removing glue, and trimming dowels down to the surface of the a board.

side view


2 comments to Flush Cut Plane

  • Skip J.

    Hmmmnn… that magnet sure looks familiar! I guess I’m gonna have to give that one a try – not much to it…. looks like a block plane size blade is good. I have several different trash chisels for clean up – but as you know, sometimes the handles get in the way…


  • Instead of using that magnet, get some of these,

    drill a 1/4″ diameter hole, glue them in flush and use them to hold stuff. Check out the volume discount, for $14.00 you can get a hundred of them. Each will hold to steel with about 3 lbs of force. Small bits of steel hold with a bit less force, but this is the easy way to make stuff hold together and break apart easily. Three of these will hold a blade in with a total force greater than the weight of a milk jug, but be removable with ease.

    If you buy a hundred of these


    magnets that will hold 8lbs, it will cost a wopping $35. This would let you make all sorts of invisible joints that could be taken apart at will.


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