Tool Making Resources II, Bob Smalser

Bob Smalser is a rarity in that he learned hand tool use, and boat building from a family tradition.  He is also a scientist, so his observations and methods are well worth learning from.  His articles can be found in a variety of places and they are well worth reading.   He is yet another Mentor that I have never met.  Many of my best methods have been learned from him.  He is one of the great sources of information on tool modification, tool making, rust prevention, saw sharpening, and glue.


3 comments to Tool Making Resources II, Bob Smalser

  • Skip J.

    Finally! I’m back and can make a comment!

    Bob Smalser’s stuff is great! I’m using his chisel handle article as we speak. Love his part of the country too….

    Soooo, what about Alf’s site??? Even the Prince goes to Cornwall when he can…..


  • The Cornish Workshop definitely belongs on the list. Thanks for the reminder, Skip! It will be showing up shortly. Till then for anyone reading, is a great site of tool making, adjusting and woodworking step by step projects.

    Expect the unexpected, on some of the resources I plan to post.


  • Skip J.

    You’re welcome!

    And, Stephen Shepherd was unexpected, altho he is a great resource. Keep up the good work…

    Besides, I just like Alf, I don’t know why?????? Maybe a younger person’s viewpoint???


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