Patternmaker's Vise can give you some new angles.

This vise can hold things just like a regular vise;

By shifting the lever on the face, you can change the angle of the vise to grip odd shapes.

Here it is skewed the other way!

Easy to shift it back to normal!

It can be set up to remove or […]

Mesquite Square

One of my favorite woods to work with is mesquite. First the downsides, a big chunk is a rather more expensive bit of wood than most. Another flaw is that the grain is weak so it can easily split with the grain. The dust will stain your hands black, and almost nothing will remove it. […]

A Pattern Maker's Vise

I have been coveting a pattern maker’s vise for about ten years. The price, and my poverty have kept me from making the purchase. Every time I have drawn blood on myself, I have analyzed the situation and what would have solved it. More often then not a pattern maker’s vise would have been a […]

Osage Folding Knife

Here is my first attempt at making a folding knife.


A saw made with an Osage handle

Simple project, a nice little dovetail saw.

The long handle helps me to make straight cuts.

Pretty simple project here, two holes for screws, a slit for the saw. Does a nice job too!

The blade I used is sold by Lee Valley Tools. Item number 60T0621

It is a Japanese Kugihiki. A […]