Mesquite Square, Part 4

One nifty tool that can be easily added is the scratch shave.


This is made by making a notch, drilling a hole and threading in a brass bolt and knob.

The blades for it are from Lee Valley, Andy was kind enough to give me the location. They can be shaped from a […]

Even More Tricks the Pattern Maker's Vise can do!

This is the cast iron auxillary jaw!

I call it a wobble plate.

This screw has to be removed to put it into the vise. I keep it finger tight, so I can take it out by hand.

To put the wobble plate in, open the vise wide,

Then put in the […]

Mesquite Square, Part 3

I am rather pleased with the results on this square! The combination of the circle, triangle and bar make for a nice composition. It has the feel that I aim for and is quite practical.

My goal was to replace the orange square with a more appealing tool, just as useful and hand made.


Setting up a Pattern Makers Vise

A pattern maker’s vise can be set at a lot of angles, but first it has to be setup correctly,

On a nice thick table like this, a lot of alterations are needed.

So I chiseled out a channel for the vise to fit into.

The angle lock has to be mounted […]

Mesquite Square, Part 2

Here is the block part of the new mesquite square.

Notice how well the patternmakers vise will grab odd shapes with the dogs up.

I have sawn a series of rows where I plan to chisel out the channel for the sliding bar to go.

Here is the block after sawing.

The […]