The Ascent of Chicken

I am trying to explore styles of art.  So far, I have drawn a cartoon.

You can click on it for a larger view.  Skip and I have been discussing art for quite a while, these discussions have really drawn my attention to the importance of expression.   I think our tools have quite a bit of influence on our work.  Apart from their function, they  are examples of form that we hold and use.  We place them in cabinets where we can view them as we work.   Their curves, embellishments and miters influence and inspire our decisions on form.


3 comments to The Ascent of Chicken

  • Skip J.

    I will admit to discussing art in our tools with Bob quite extensively. I will admit to discussing the expression of art in toolmaking. I did not mention chickens, nor did I draw any chickens myself, nor do I own/raise any chickens… well you can see where I’m going with this……….

    Just kidding Bob! Anybody who can draw and make tools is a winner in my book!


  • You can deny chickens all you want to, but the question is always which came first. Chicken and egg are an infinite loop, yet the mystery that is chicken is greater.

    Hens are heterogametic so unlike man, rooster has no impact on gender.

    Chickens see more than we do. They detect slight movements that we cannot, they detect fast movement at twice the rate that we do. The cone density in their eyes is greater than ours, so color perception is greater. Muscles in the eyes allow them to alter the shape of their lens and cornea allowing greater adaption of shape. They see more precisely and with better depth of field. They also see farther into the spectrum than we do.

    So rich is their vision, and yet their comprehension seems pretty well challenged. Such is life.


  • Skip J.

    My subdivision rules, and the City don’t allow it. Cats, dogs, etc…. that’s about it. I must say your chickens have the best coop in SE Texas….. nothing’s too good for your chickens!!!! Probably keeps the coons and foxes out too….


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