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Lately I have been regularly going to  The Village Carpenter.    Kari Hultman is quite productive, writes well, and has managed to beat me to the punch posting on a subject three times in the last two months.  She does great photography  and great woodworking.    Kari also gives good linkage to subjects and produces a timely and informative blog.

She also has very good taste in movies, despite leaving out Time Bandits and Big Trouble in Little China.

If you are looking for inspiration, or examples of fine work, this is a good place to look.


3 comments to The Village Carpenter Blog

  • Bob, EVERYTHING about woodworking has already been covered many times over. Please don’t let it stop you from giving your opinion just because someone else has written about the same subject. It’s important to hear others’ points of view. Post away! :o)
    (and thank you for the kind words)

  • You are more than welcome for the kind words, you deserve them, Kari!

    There was a moment where I though you had beaten me to the punch again, when you mentioned Chi in your most recent post. I have been working on a Tai Chi and Woodworking article. ^_^


  • You have me on that one, Bob. The only thing I know about Tai Chi is it’s a class my partner takes every week. I’ll look forward to reading your post. :o)

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