Experimental Rabbet Plane

Jorge, (Lapacho) on Woodnet recently posted his rabbet plane design.  I was intrigued with the concept,  so I made one.  I modified it a bit, but then, I do that.

Rabbet Plane

It makes nice shavings!


It leaves a smooth finish behind!

smooth wood

I tested it here on a splitting chunk of cedar, not the worst wood but not the best either.

splitty wood

It left a smooth surface.


Note the crack in the end of the plane.  This is not the best wood for the job.  Too soft, and flawed.  Still it was handy, the right size and easy to work.  Good for an experiment,  Now that I know it works,  I need to make a qood one,

crack in plane

The bottom ‘bed’ does not even touch the upside down chip breaker.   It is just a guide really.

Tight throat

Nice little curls, easy enough to clean out.

Bottom edge gap

I tested shavings.  At .002 inches thick, I could easily make a full width shaving.  At .0015 inches, it would usually be a full width shaving.  At .001 it was a bit sporadic.

The thinnest shavings  were just a hair below .oo1 inches, but with this dry cedar, they were not very substantial and turned to dust easily.

Measuring Shavings

This mechanism allowed a rabbet plane to be stable and

to make a smooth clean surface.

taken apart

The iron and the chipbreaker  are made by Hock and came  from a Woodsmith plane kit.

When I remake it, it will have a slightly steeper angle an adjustable mouth, and be from a much harder wood.

This pretty much proves that Jorge’s concept is  quite solid.  Rabbets are typically pretty unstable and tricky.   This one  is a quick rig, and it works flawlessly.


4 comments to Experimental Rabbet Plane

  • This looks like an interesting design. I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at making some miniature ones. Maybe out of steel up to 1/2 inch wide. Never made a plane before. Great images!

  • Thanks! I think this method would do well as a miniature.


  • Panch

    I recently stumbled upon your blog, I love it! I can’t afford to buy a rabbet plane right now, so I decided to build one. It looks great, and uses the resources that I have at hand, but I really like this one! I think I’ll go back to the drawing board.

  • I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Panch!


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