A Comparison of Diamond Grit Vs Green Rouge

Derek Cohen has done a Comparison of Diamond Grit vs Green Rouge. It is great to see interest in diamond spreading, even though this review does not come out positive for diamond grit.

For some background, Derek Cohen is in my opinion one of the great woodworkers on the net. He shares his methods and […]

Way Too Many Projects

I am project greedy. Every day I come up with yet another project I want to make. At least one. Then someone like Christopher Schwarz gives you blueprints for a nifty striking knife.

Way too many projects.



Lately a good friend of mine has been tutoring me on top end steel. My blacksmithing experience is mostly limited to mystery metal, OFS and O1. He has widened my eyes to the amazing world of technologically advanced steels. There are stainless steels out there, that hold fine edges with a tenacity that is fairly […]

Tai Chi and Woodworking

Woodworking can be quite a rough master. Besides cut, hit and worn fingers, woodworking can mean long hours holding yourself at odd angles. Taking a break is more than just rest at times. As I age, I find that taking a break can prevent clumsy behavor. My back is not what it once was.

Working […]

The Village Carpenter Blog

Lately I have been regularly going to The Village Carpenter. Kari Hultman is quite productive, writes well, and has managed to beat me to the punch posting on a subject three times in the last two months. She does great photography and great woodworking. Kari also gives good linkage to subjects and produces a timely […]