Do You have Enough Tools?

I love posts about workshops in other countries. They show other methods of work holding, and working with tools. Often times you see amazing work being done with a few simple tools. What I really like is the simple tools.

But in every conversation about these tools, someone has to make the cheap shot about […]

Carving Rope Columns By Hand!

I hope I am this good when I grow up!

He also give good explanations of how he does it.

Jameel shows what woodworking is all about. He is no stranger to power tools, yet hand tools abound in his work.

Khalaf Oud Luthiery is a site well worth exploring!



Spoon Making Knife Knol

Doug Stowe was doing fine craftsmanship professionally since I was still going to camp. His articles on woodworking and teaching and performing fine craftsmanship published in Fine Woodworking are all great reads. I have one of his books,

Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide to Box Making

It is a delightful book with lots of great […]

Violin Making Planes

Christopher Martyn at Finely Strung has a great article on making instrument planes!

His are tiny, elegant and simple. Using Krenov’s basic method, he shows how to make a great little plane.

With a few toothing blades from Lee Valley, or A top notch O1 plane blade, you could easily put together some really […]

Woodwright's Shop

Lately I have been enjoying going back over the Woodwright’s Shop episodes that are available online. Sweet!