Conserving Artifacts

I love old tools.  A lot of these old guys have survived a total change in the world and are still useful.  One of the important questions, is how to preserve, restore and protect these wonderful links to our past.  My approach is to get data from the extreme ends of the spectrum.  One fairly extreme end would be stuff that has been left at the bottom of the ocean.

Professor Donny L. Hamilton was kind enough  to let me put up this link,


Where he discusses and details various methods used by curators, archaeologists and anthropologists to restore and preserve antiquities.  This is a wonderful resource, with information that can easily be extended to the care of much less abused and neglected artifacts.

Another advantage to having such a resource is being able to compare it to other information.  There is a lot of nonsense out there, and a lot of marketing hype.  Having careful, time tested, peer reviewed and scholarly information at hand can help you to filter out the false.   Chances are that if your tools have experienced TEOTWAWKI there is advice here worth knowing.


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  • Skip J.

    Am going to have to set aside some serious time to read all that in more detail. Thanks for the info!

    Also, I have just been rereading Patrick Spielmans’ “Gluing and Clamping” again; so some of that is similar….


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