Tobacco is pretty!

A lot of gardeners use tobacco as an organic pesticide.  I decided at one time to grow some, so that I would not chance introducing tobacco mosaic virus to my tomatoes and peppers.  Since then have found the only pesticide I like to use is homemade soap.

So now I grow tobacco for my pipe.

Here is my reason for smoking one pipe a day.

American Chemical Society. “Tobacco Chemical Protects Against Parkinson’s Disease.” ScienceDaily 29 March 2000. 1 July 2008  Article Here

Besides it is a very pretty plant!



3 comments to Tobacco is pretty!

  • Skip J.

    If I ever smoke one – by the end of the day – it’ll be a pack a day….


  • Fortunately I am not chemically addictive so I really can quit just by forgetting to smoke.

    I do not even touch the mouse when it comes to Online RPG’s however. That stuff is dangerous. I have see people lose their lives and personalities in just a few months.


  • Skip J.

    Oh yea, my son and my grandson play all day and all nite on the computer right behind me.

    You just have no idea how old that gets to us that don’t…


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