A Scratch Awl from Scratch

Here is the answer to the Chrismas Puzzle!

Here are all the fixings to make another one!

It may be a bit, Cutting down aluminum bronze takes a bit of work.

O1 Steel, the tip has been tempered and left quite hard.  The rest has not been hardened.  The aluminum bronze is quite tough and solid stuff.  Work to work but it is pretty and one of the more resistant to just about every thing materials.  A pair of leather washers right where the fingers will probably grip, and a mesquite handle.


5 comments to A Scratch Awl from Scratch

  • Skip J.


    I think this is different enough that it would sell as a high end scratch awl….

    There is no higher compliment I could give…congrats!


  • I was afraid of just that reaction. I may have to sacrifice some of the purity of my art, just to get a bit more attention. It looks like I will have to go through a ‘bling’ phase. 🙂


  • Skip J.

    Well – even Rembrandt had to sell a few to get started. Let’s say there are Tejas Tools and then there are Tejas “Art” Tools…..

    Now if I was to make some Tejas Tree Tools to replace the bonsai originals… there would be no need for bling I think. The originals had no bling about them at all….


  • We make leather washers for knife and tool handles since 1949.

  • Mike Gray

    Very elegant

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