A Chamfer Plane

Way back in June of 07, while I was recovering from a bought of failed tool designs, Derek Cohen posted a few pictures of a chamfer plane he had made. I needed one just like it, so I threw one together.

Chamfer Plane

Chamfer Plane

It is not as quick and easy to make as a Krenov, but it still comes together pretty easily.

The bottom is a v – groove. This goes on the edge of the board that you want a chamfer on. Because it is low angle, it does a nice smooth cut even on end grain. You don’t want to use it against the grain as it will grab and rip out a chunk of wood and then stop dead.

You start with the blade projecting about a 16th of and inch down into the groove. it only takes a couple of passes, then you increment it about a 16th of an inch more,

When you get close, the last two increments are about a 32nd and a 64th, just for smoothness.


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