A Rectagular Planter

I prefer to make hexagons, but sometimes space calls for something a bit different.

Here is a pretty, and inexpensive garden seat and planter.

I left it unfinished to show it’s construction.

Looking closely at the corner,  almost all the details are clear.

The vertical T structure has the side plates screwed to it, and the angled top board screwed to it.  The Top side plate will further support the top board.  This gives is a stable structure.  The total height of the planter is sixteen inches.

First I made four T sections 15″ long, and attached a small bit of scrap to the bottom so the planter will be less inclined to sink into the ground over time.

Then I usually put the top boards on and then add the side plates.  If I want to grow a tree in it, I then just put it in place and fill it with soil.  If I plan to use it for a garden planter, I line it.

The small boards on the planter are for holding the liner in place.

The liner keeps grass from invading from the bottom.  This stuff is rated for 15 years, it will be a while before I can back that up with experience.

After the liner is in, I put it in place and fill  it with soil.

Finally it is all done and ready to plant!

Being able to sit on the planters edge makes weeding, planting and all manner of other operations much easier.  It is rather nice to have seats in the garden.


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