Gnomons Multiplying

Kari Hultman, has just made a Gnomon over on the Village Carpenter.

Stephen Shepherd has been using them in pictures to show scale for a very long time too. You will have to do some clicking to get there as Stephen’s site does not direct link to entries, but it is probably worth your while.

Gnomon (γνώμων) meaning indicator, usually refers to the bar that casts shadows on a sundial. But apparently when taken away from a wabe it could mean a lot of other things.

I have been mistaking a gnomon for a needle. But then I was taught the word when learning about parallax error back when we technicians still used needles in front of dials and tubes to amplify signals.

While on the subject, Easy to Make Wooden Sundials looks like a fun book.

I think I will need to make a gnomon.


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