Soap Making with Potassium Hydroxide, Part 1, The Process

I prefer to avoid pesticides, at times however I want crops and plants I love are being destroyed. One of the safer pesticides to use is soap.

Additionally I would rather add potassium to my crops, than sodium. Most soap these days is made from Sodium Hydroxide, it is cheaper and makes a harder soap. […]

Magenta Spreen Lambsquarter

Such a pretty plant. It is early in the year, so most of these are under a foot tall. They will be just as pretty in the fall, only by then they will be over ten feet tall. Tasty and lovely leaves. I love this plant. This plant dies each year, but comes […]

Giant Dibbler

Here is my giant dibbler. Made from a pine 4×4.

The cross bar is made from ash. The point has been shaped into a triangle.

This tool is pretty useful, it has even been borrowed by several people and returned damaged. It still works fine. You stick the point where you want to […]

February Greens

One of the great joys of gardening is going shopping in you back yard.

I can sit on a bench and enjoy Magenta Spreen Lambs Quarter and Pac Choy fresh, clean and damp from an evening rain.

There is a bit of Swiss Chard at the back, for cooking as well.

With a […]


About four years ago I got some Ujukitsu fruit from a farmers market in downtown Houston. In case you have never tasted this delightful citrus, imagine perfect lemonade.

The only sources I have been able to find have been independent growers. The last thing I want to do is risk bringing a citrus disease into […]