Harvesting Tobacco Seeds

Tobacco is an amazing plant. The seeds are tiny, dust really. It is not the easiest plant to start. It needs really rich soil and moisture. But you don’t want any mold. The seeds are tiny, and the plants at first are so amazingly tiny. They have tiny roots and can dry out in a […]

Gathering Celery Seed

Celery Seed looks like this on a healthy plant;

On a stressed plant it looks like this.

Celery is a good mother, it will sacrifice itself to make healthy seeds. It may even make more flavorful seeds when it does this. They certainly seem stronger flavored.

The seeds will dry out and become […]

Lettuce as a Complex Environment

I have been harvesting lettuce seed recently. Usually I just put a palm below one of the dandelion like flowers and with the finger tips of the other hand, massage the ripe seeds from the flower. The ripe seeds fall right out, along with a bunch of chaff.

As a child, I used to go […]