Sharpening Tools, Part 3

The Gritty Details

Here is a table of the relative grit sizes of the different standards used. CAMI is the American Standard, and for a long time is was the main standard. The European standard, FEPA, is more precise, and so FEPA graded sandpaper tends to work faster than CAMI. JIS is used for Japanese […]

Sharpening Tools, Part 2

My method of sharpening is to make two extremely flat surfaces that intersect. This intersection is the edge.

To make a flat surface flat the first time, I grind it on a flat surface with an abraisve powder. The flat surface I use is a slab of annealed O1 tool steel. The Japanese would call […]

Sharpening Tools, Part 1

Sharpening is the key issue for using hand tools for wood work. If you cannot sharpen, then hand tools will not perform for you. Sharpening is a simple task. It is pretty easy to get an extraordinarily sharp blade. It does not take long to sharpen a tool, and it does not require years of […]

Using a Kanaban and a 1-2-3 Block to tune a plane

This is a 1-2-3 block on a kanaban.

A 1-2-3 block is a very stable tool used by machinists to make sure things are square and precise and all sorts of other things. It measures 1″ by 2″ by 3″ and is great for testing, setup and even measuring.

The Kanaban is a nice […]

Scrapers, How to tune them.

Our goal is to make a scraper do this,

make nice long fluffy shavings. Nice fluffy shavings means a well polished wood surface.

There are a lot of ways to tune a scraper. The following is my preferred method, and it works quite well.

The goal is to shape a hook edge on the […]