Toolmaking Resources VI; Rob Hanson's Evenfall Woodworks

Rob Hanson, Evenfall has been kind enough to all of us to provide a large collection of books, resources and his own observations. His website is a delight. His Library of online books is also quite amazing. Evenfall is a regular contributor on the WoodNet Handtools Forum. His responses to questions there, are often articles […]

My Forge

Here is how I built my forge. Inexpensively. The boards you see are treated dog eared pine picket fence that has been run through a planer. The supports are scrap 4×4 from old fences, cut with a 30 degree taper on two sides to support a hexagonal shape. Like a bee, a lot of what […]

Chicken Feeders

I made a few chicken feeders so that I could be gone for a couple of days and have the chickens kept in good shape.

Here is a close up on the watering bucket;

Here is a close up on the food;

Here is a pair of them ready for action!


Building A Chicken Coop

When discussing hand tools, often the questions that power tool users ask, are about the relative speed and accuracy. If you want to go exclusively to hand tool use, what do you lose? I am used to using a power drill/screwdriver, and a circular saw for a lot of my outdoors, get it done, work. […]