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One of the tools I use regularly is glue. It pays to know as much about this stuff as you can. After squandering a fortune on wood and forming it into a useful shape, it is really lame to have the glue joints go bad.

One big isssue is that glue may prevent you from […]

Potting Mix

I garden a bit differently than most. Most of my garden is in pots. I do this primarily to conserve water. It also allows for easy weeding, plant isolation, and soil experimentation. Gardening in pots allows me to garden under trees. In my area, willow shade will reduce the brunt of summer quite well, making […]


Here is my tomato pyramid.

It was made from willow saplings, and was treated with milk paint and borax. After that it has been out in the garden holding up tomatoes and other vines. It is about 11 feet tall and has done quite well. Light, sturdy, rustic and in it’s own way charming. […]

Supper, Beneath the Trees, Beside the Pond, In the Garden

As the election of 2008 comes close, this is my attempt at a subtle statement of support.

I was out collecting seeds in the garden, and maintaining a presence to keep the hawks away, when my delightful wife brought me supper. A simple plate of spaghetti, noodles, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese, is a delightful […]

Etching Steel

I cut a few slabs of O1 steel to be kanabans. Since diamond grit will inbed itself into the steel, I want to label each plate seperately in a clear and permanent way.

So I am trying a few experiments. First off, I have sprayed enamel on them. I plant to scratch through the enamel […]