A Krenov Plane

This one has a 35 degree bed, the plane is attached by a bolt through the sole. Hock 1.5 inch blade. 13″ long, 1lb 14 oz.

Krenov Plane
It is far from perfect, but it is a keeper, and very stable. I like a consistent tool.

Krenov Plane

Schtoo had a really nice suggestion, so I made this with the intention of it being able to be low, 35 degree or high 65 degree angle by reversing the blade. Sadly in bevel up mode the blade is about 1/8th of an inch too long as I set it up, to be used bevel up. So I will not be able to try it bevel up for several years.

Krenov Plane

Most planes look to me like ships or cars. This one has an old time roadster kind of look to it. Quite a useful tool to have around.


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