Screwdrivers are Easy (If you cheat!)

This one is simple. A quick release bit epoxied into a wooden handle.

Small Screwdriver

Real inexpensive kit for making a screwdriver!

The second one took a lot more work, as I had to deep bore a concentric hole. But it was a screwdriver before I put the handle on it, so the question remains, did I make a screwdriver?
Philosophers will of course debate terms forever and never answer the question. We may never know.

The handle on the Isomax Push Pull Click Click Screwdriver of Drill, was just fine, and would have lasted forever, but it did not match the decor of my tool box, which is of course brass, steel, mesquite, ash and osage. So it had to be remade. The Blue and yellow plastic did match the tool tote, but just didn’t go with the rest.

So the second one was pure vanity, the first is a quality tool made cheap.


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