Poisonous Plants

Nature has made me a hypocrite. And I am a better person for it. We often take stands that on the surface seem right, but with understanding, are fairly weak.

My ideal was to have no toxic plants in my yard and garden. Ignore the fact that that would mean eliminating and fighting a huge number of naturally occurring plants. Ignore the fact that many edible plants are toxic in one stage or another. Ignore a lot of things, such as balance of nature, and It might be possible.

5 poisonous plants

The one on the left is a pepper, the one next to it with the big leaves is tobacco. The one behind and in the middle is an elderberry. The one on the right is a tomato. To the far right, behind the pots is a 4:00.

The tomato, tobacco and pepper are all quite bad for you depending on how you abuse it. All of them can be quite good for you if used correctly and perhaps with moderation. The elderberry is for some a complete cure for arthritis. The 4:00 has the wonderful property of killing grasshoppers. Note that these plants all look pest free and healthy. There is a reason. A bug that has adapted to chew on one of these still won’t survive the rest. I don’t spray or apply pesticides, I plant them.

Here are a few more 4:00 pictures so you can see the other reason for growing them. Just don’t eat them.


A occasional flower in the garden is rarely amiss.


2 comments to Poisonous Plants

  • why is the tomatoe and pepper plant posonous dont we eat peppers and tomatoes or are there sertain ones that we arnt allowed to eat??.

  • We eat the ripe fruit of the tomato but we pickle or cook it’s green fruit before eating it. We eat the fruit of the pepper with delight, but we do not eat the leaves of either. The poison in the leaves of these plants is called Solanine. And it is a pretty scary poison. It is reduced by frying, but not eliminated, so too many fried green tomatoes could be quite dangerous.


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