Garden Cart

I got a garden cart kit from the North Houston Woodcraft store.   They had one put together, and it moved perfectly, really quite manuverable, so I was quite interested,  the box was open, so I started to count the parts.  The salesmen assured me they had looked over the parts, it was all intact, and that they would give me a 10% discount on the cart.  I took it.   I don’t get to the big city much, so we did a bit of shopping in Houston.  On the way back I looked for the manual so that I could figure out what I needed to do.  The manual was missing.  As were a bunch of parts.  So I figured out how I was going to make it without plans, and getting parts that cost way more than the discount, go figure.   Don’t take this as an insult to Woodcraft in general, the Woodcrafts in Orange County, California, and San Antonio, Texas, are wonderful places that any wood worker would be made right at home in.  The support that I have gotten at has been extraordinary, and if anything, I feel like I owe them.

Here is how it ended up;

Garden Cart.

I wanted it to look rustic, so I used some weathered juniper, and used my wax mix to preserve the look.

The image in my mind was a hay cart, so I improvised around that.

Cart bed

My wife has claimed it as hers, so I guess it is a success!


1 comment to Garden Cart

  • Skip J.

    Hmm… the metal parts’n tires look amazingly like my red wagon minus the “bed” – which is in sad shape after a decade of hard work. So I could build the wood cart and bolt my tires and steering to it… Great idea! Glad you dived into the deep end again… ain’t kits wonderful???

    We would have never come up with this many ideas on our own – well on my own. You got too many ideas already….


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