Toolmaking Resources VII; Joel Moskowitz, Tools For Working Wood

Besides being a wonderful online woodworking store, with great service, has quite a few top notch articles.  Joel Moskowitz has created some of the most valuable content out there.   His pages on sharpening are a must read.


2 comments to Toolmaking Resources VII; Joel Moskowitz, Tools For Working Wood

  • Skip J.

    Hello Bob;

    I paged thru some of Joel’s links and found a good bit of information on a wide range of subjects. The Vietnamese woodworking pages were certainly different and interesting. Excellent photos of their traditional joints!

    The sharpening pages were very interesting. It seems he has the same opinion of handheld sharpening as I have developed over the years. And, he mentions diamond paste grits as the next step up from the fine DMT stone. Looks like I’m good to go!

    No tool budget this year tho, maybe next year!


  • I really like Joel’s information, and it kind of gives you an idea of the sort of solid and informed approach he tries for. When you do have a tool budget, I do recommend his shop. I have not seen an inferior product on his list. If he stocks it, it is fit to use.


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