Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alice Frampton, Cornish Workshop

Do not believe for a moment that quality wood working or the love of fine tools is purely the domain of men.  One visit to The Cornish Workshop should be enough to forever shatter that delusion.

Alf, Alice Frampton, has been generously sharing her knowledge and skills for quite a while.  She has been a large influence in the old tool community.  Her writings were quite influential to my learning, so though we have never met, she is one of my mentors, and I revere her.  Her explanations are humorous, precise, concise and detailed.


2 comments to Toolmaking Resources VIII; Alice Frampton, Cornish Workshop

  • Skip J.

    Ahhh, now you have the real thing…. most of Alf’s articles are on projects she’s done herself – a whole lot less cut’n paste from other websites….. And many of those projects are at the level of us mortal humans… altho she can wax poetic about combi planes…. An excellent read and resource!

    Personally, her tanged chisel handle replacement project is just my cuppa tea…… No fancy stuff, just get’er done….

    Besides, when you speak to her, she speaks back!


  • Thanks for the wonderful write-up about Marian. She truly loved being a mebemr of Pen Women. The portrait by her artist son Richard shows the twinkle in her eyes and amused smile. Dorothy

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