The Joys of Blogging!

A recent comment on one of my articles had a link to this site, Jaxt Woodcarvings.  For a quick look of the range of product, their storefront is well worth looking at.    Their works are classic, delightful and I think, timeless.    Some of these works inspire a child like glee while others inspire a sort of hushed reverence.

I doubt I would have ever found this amazing collection of classic artwork, still being produced, on my own. There is a bit of humor to this, as the comment giving me this particular link, expressed disinterest with the post I had made. The truth is, that I am not nearly talented enough to come up with enough good content to fill the five posts a week that I make. So I suspect that I will and have, come up with some regular losers. But taken in the context that my other posts were of interest, this may actually be high praise.

One of the joys of blogging is finding interests, that you did not know are your interests.   I am sure there are thousands of thousands of people out there doing things that relate to strong interests of mine, but I have no clue about them.  I am unlikely to do a search on the subject and even if I knew that I would be thrilled by what I found, I would not know what terms to search on best.

It does make sense however that others that share your interests would be doing things that might well interest you.


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