A Fine Example of Gouge Use

A carver calls it a chisel, the rest of us call it a gouge.  I guess the carver uses it more, but then we all know what a gouge is.

Over on WoodTreks, Brad Ramsay is being shown using a gouge to carve with. He of course calls it a chisel.

Keith Cruickshank once again has done superb cinematography.  In a video that left me wanting more and more. Hand grips, methods and artistry are show clearly.  He also shows how to do the layout in another video!  Thanks Keith!


3 comments to A Fine Example of Gouge Use

  • Thanks Bob for the nice tip of the hat on the video. Brad is outstanding and so-so modest. I really meant that I was taken by the motions and movements of Brad’s hands, something, of course, he typically does without even thinking about it.

  • You are quite welcome, Keith. My faint praise is well deserved. Your videos made me decide to play with a few carving projects this weekend. Brad and you put together an inspiring video.


  • Skip J.

    Hello Keith;

    Ditto what Bob said… your videography is excellent and I will be viewing your other titles!

    And as Bob said, Brad’s carving is very well done!


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