Grizzly Japanese Chisels and Gouges, Part 4.5 Deep Tennon

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I broke a Japanese saw handle a while back, and I have been needing to remake it.

The old handle cracked out. The saw itself is not so bad, but the handle was a lemon. No problem here I like to remake […]

Nifty Hand Cart Plans on

Steven Shepherd has a really neat post on an 1856 hand cart.

I really want to make one. It would be handy around the yard!


Outdoor Workshop for the Shade Tree Woodworker

I have made an experiment of working outdoors.

Three workbenches here.

The one in front consists of two sawhorses supporting a four foot by ten foot frame. Sixteen foot long slabs of cedar make the table.

The one in the middle is treated pine. It has to be covered because of the pattern […]

Lighter Pine

My brother gave me some chunks of lighter pine!

It is a fascinating wood, unique in it’s own way. Really heavy, since it is completely filled with resin.

I have no clue what to do with it. I am going to make a few handles out of a chunk just to see how […]

Grizzly Japanese Chisels and Gouges, Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (Part 4,) Part 4.5, Part 5

I have had a chance to use the Grizzly Chisels now and have had a few updates in information. I decided that it was worthless to not trust my tools. So I went ahead and started to push my new Grizzly Japanese Chisel […]