A Nice Rack!

Seriously, I love this tool rack system! It looks to be economical, flexible and functional.  Plus the modular system allows you to rearrange things as you get more tools.  The only real down side, is that tool storage systems that you can’t close are a bit more suseptible to dust and rust.  If  your shop is air conditioned and has good dust control, then this is not so important.  For me it is a bit of an issue.   Not that my  current methods are any better. 🙂

David Pickard, the designer sent me an email offering router bits for linking to his site’s, http://www.woodshopics.com/ and http://www.woodshopbits.com/ (carbide router bits).

Here is the thing though, I like David’s work, but I don’t like tailed, screaming, wood manglers.  (Routers)   I own three of the damned things, and I have fortunately been able to avoid using any of them for the last two years.

I am not a purist, I love my cordless drill and my bandsaw, but I prefer  to be bathed in quite peace, without hearing protection, goggles or risk of motor based finger mangling.  If you do use routers, by all means check out David’s goods, in any case, be sure to check out his storage system.  He is definitely a clever designer!

Don’t think for a moment that this is a show of integrity and resistance to selling out, if Clark & Williams, Lee Valley, Bridge City, or Lie-Nielsen made me an offer, I would sell out in a moment!


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  • Steve Perelli

    Thanks for the Link Bob. I like the system. Uses economical wood. I like keeping my prized tools in a closed case, but I could build one of those in the garage for the other ones..I never did like pegboard.

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