What a Pencil Shave Can do!

I took about 20 minutes and tested what a pencil shave can do.

Sweet little tool, made with one of the cutters from a pencil sharpener.

Here, I am pushing it into some pine,

Pencil Shave shaving pine

On the left is cut with the grain in pine stopped to show a curl or spill. On the right is cut against the grain.
With and Against grain

Here, I mitered the endgrain of some soft cedar.
Mitered endgrain

Same block, I mitered an edge with the grain.
Mitered Edge

Now for a rough test, mesquite

Mesquite against the grain
against grain

Mesquite with the grain
With grain

The finish is about on a par with 180 sand paper.

The shave dissected.
Shave Dissected

The big end, one end of the cutter has a large hole, where the gear is wedged in. You could just grind down the gear, but I was not sure about the pot metal in vinegar, and I want to be able to wash off all the vinegar when I am done, so I removed the gear.
Big hole on cutter

Pine spills made by the shave!
Pine Spills


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