Making A Radius Cutter

I recently made a Radius Cutter/Scribe. I love it, it is perfect, I use is for all sorts of things now, including measurements.  That said, I need another, the first one does not make a circle less than 2.25 inches across.

So far, here is what I have made:

Compass Closed

Compass Open

First I took a block and measured it, marking the center lines carefully.  I drew the outline and marked the drill points.  Then I drilled the two holes for the brass rods.  To make sure it all lines up, drilling them first matters.  Then I drilled the center hole.  No real function for this hole, it just looks nice right there.

After that  I put the block on the lathe and turned it.  Since I am making it out of oak, I decided to make an acorn shaped handle.

Here is a trick I used when I made my first radius cutter, I used the brass rod to make sure the holes were perfect.   When I drilled the holes for the brass rods,  I drilled them just a hair small.  Then I reamed them out, with the brass rod that I was using, to insure a perfect fit.  I just cut a three sided bit on the end with a file, and then chucked it in a drill to ream it.  Brass drill bits don’t last long, but since I was only reaming a few holes,  the bit held up fine through osage and oak.


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