Ornate Scratch Awl

This tool is the result of playing around.  The tip is m2 hss tool steel, the hoops are stainless steel and the wood is mesquite.  I call this tool,  ‘Davros.’


It was rather fun to make, and I rather like it. I doubt I will make anymore like it as the materials cost is a bit high.  I am rather fond of making scratch awls, they are useful for layout and marking, and they are fairly easy to make.  The hats in the background are made by my brilliant wife!


I love the cap she made me!

As a shameless plug, she sells the pattern, and sometimes the hats on her Etsy shop.

Her deerstalker design is my real favorite!



2 comments to Ornate Scratch Awl

  • Skip J.

    Pretty little thing Bob. Don’t you think there mite be a market for high-end scratch awls???? I believe you would have it all to yourself… maybe have Holtey sell’em for you..

    Nice hats too! Say hello to your wife from us!

    Happy Halloween!


  • Is the Supreme Dalek aware of this? 😉
    – Charles

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