Unicorn Egg Spiral Awl

When grinding down a few old drill bits to make other tools, I noticed that the spiral on a point was quite lovely. This inspired me to produce this design.    This is a scratch awl, for leather and woodwork. The awl itself is made of M2 tool steel. The handle is ash and leather with a stainless steel ring.  The grip by the way, is wonderful.  I am tempted to make several gouges and chisels with this grip.

The awl is made from a large metal cutting drill bit. This was first parkerized in zink bearing phosphoric acid. Then it was blued with Oxpho Blue. Afterwards it was ground down to a point leaving the spiral in dark blued steel as a contrast to the polished M2.

I love making awls, but I must admit to having more than enough of them.  So, I put it up for sale on my Etsy Page. This way, if it sell, I can get a bit more leather to learn on.


2 comments to Unicorn Egg Spiral Awl

  • thewoodshopbug

    very cool!

    I wonder if it has any potential as a gimlet?

  • Bob Strawn

    Sadly it has no potential as a gimlet, it does not drill at all well. It will do a pretty good job of removing burrs from a drilled hole. It does however scribe wood and leather really well. 🙂

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